Northern Sage Recovery Crush

Northern Sage Recovery Crush

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Embrace the enchanting feeling of the Northern Borealis, direct from your tub.

The cool tingle of fresh menthol crystal envelops your entire body while brightening sage, pine, and coriander seed detoxify and Abyssinian Oil nourish damaged skin. British Columbia glacial clay with its superior high mineral content pulls toxins and leaves the skin soft and dewy.

Hints of: Sage, Menthol, Pine, Coriander Seed
Perfect for: Recovery, Congested, Athlete

Notable ingredients:

BC Blue Glacial ClayDraws out impurities in the skin with a high mineral balance composure 
+ Sage OilReputed to ease the muscular and joint pain
Menthol Crystals: Clears nasal passage with strong scent of menthol. Helps to increase blood flow to skin's surface